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Aloha Suit (R2W)

$1,550.00 USD

NEW!!!! our off the rack version of the Aloha suit. Same attention to detail, faster turnaround than our custom Aloha suit. Made in our 4 way stretch fabric. 

Price: $1,550.00 USD

Please fill in your inseam measurement in inches while wearing stage boots

Save on shipping costs. If you order this item with a cape, belt, boots, scarves, or jumpsuit, you still pay one flat shipping rate.

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does this suit come with the belt and cape? Pat


Aloha suit cape and belt

elle's picture

This is the suit only. The aloha belt is $325 - you will find it under the belt menu. The cape is $1000.

Sundial jumpsuit

Could you tell me weather you can do me the Sundial Jumpsuit ,

Thank you 

Mal Hunt

Sundial suit

elle's picture

Hi Mal. We have started to make the sundial suit. The price is $2250 for the custom suit and belt. Elle 


hi Elle

I was just wondering if you deliver to the UK.



elle's picture

Hi Chris. Yes, we ship to the UK and around the world. Shipping time is about 4 days, including customs. we ship via DHL courier. Cheers, Elle

Aloha suit R2W

Hi Elle,

As you probably remember I bought the Powder Blue R2W from you about a year and a half ago. I love it. 

What is the difference in the construction of the Aloha R2W suit and the custom suit?  In other words why is the R2W so much cheaper?

I had an Aloha suit once before made by someone else and I had a big problem with the stars coming off all the time.  And the stones were sewn on and the threads began to break and the stones were hanging loose.  Have you had any problems like that with yours?

I am considering ordering the Aloha R2W and the belt, but I don't see it listed so I would need to know the cost of that and I would ask you to make it to my specs like you did the Powder Blue belt.



r2w aloha

elle's picture

Hi Dale. The construction of all our r2w suits is the same high quality as our custom suits. The cost savings comes in because we do not need to make you a personal pattern, and send you a fitting shell in the mail. This saves time for us, and you can generally get your suit quicker - from 1 -3 weeks. All nailheads are glued as well as pronged. All cabochons are set with rim sets and glued. The suit is made to last.

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