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Black Fireworks Suit (R2W)

$755.00 USD

A simple yet explosive suit. This one has Las Vegas written all over it!


Price: $755.00 USD

Please fill in your inseam measurement in inches while wearing stage boots

Save on shipping costs. If you order this item with a cape, belt, boots, scarves, or jumpsuit, you still pay one flat shipping rate.

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fire works

hello elle ...i recived the jumpsuit ....he is fantastic .....

super job....i going to speak in french ........

les amis n'hésitez pas a commender chez jumpsuit pro , il y a un trés bon rapport qualitée vous recomamnde se site...

cordialement rick levis    

Fireworks jumpsuit

elle's picture

Merci Beaucoup Rick! We are glad that you are happy with your costume and hope you order again soon. 

hello... i'm rick ..i'm


i'm rick ..i'm french..

my size is

chest 43 . waist 36,8. girth 71. sleeve 25.  inseam 33

height  5.8 whith boots

sorry .. my chest 44  my

sorry ..

my chest 44 

my waist 38


elle's picture

OK. You will need to order a size Large . Elle

Hi Elle. I wonder if you make

Hi Elle. I wonder if you make a R2W Black butterfly suit?

R2W black butterfly

elle's picture

Hi. Yes, we can make a R2W black butterfly. Price is $950 plus shipping. We would need 2-3 weeks to make it.

R2W Black Firework Suit

Hi! My husband is interested in the Reday to Wear Black Firework suit for Halloween.  I just took his measurements and he falls under the Medium Tall but there is no option for one.  Are y'all not offering this size at the time? Could he go up to the Large Tall size? His measurements are chest: 41 1/2 waist: 38 hip: 37 height: 6ft 1in girth: 73 sleeve length: 29 across back: 20

Look forward to hearing from you. Thank you! 

Black fireworks suit

elle's picture

Hi . We are making a Tall Medium size now,although we do not have it listed on all of our suits. This is the size that would best fit your husband. Cheers



Hello Elle I'm a frequent site visitor going to be first time buyer was wondering not too good on sizing on what size I would need I'm 6 feet tall size 30 waist inseam 32 please let me know when y'all have beautiful suits


elle's picture

Hi Gary. Can you give us your chest measurement? That is the most important for choosing size. Also, is 30 your pant size or is that easured around your waist with a measuring tape??? We do now have Tall Medium sizing if you have a longer torso. Cheers, Elle


Hi there, Im very Interested In this Suit.  Just not very good with Size Charts, hahaha wondering if u could advise me on what size you think best for me.

I'm 6'2

Chest 48"

Waist 46"

Sleeve 33.5"

Girth 47"

Inseam 32"


elle's picture

Hi Tonci. I would recommend our Tall extra large size. If you need a belt with your suit we will need your upper hip measurement also. Cheers,Elle

black fireworks

hi elle, i wanted to find out if i order the suit and cape how long does it take to get to chicago?


shipping time to Chicago

elle's picture

Hi Pete. We would need 1 week lead time to finish the suit and cape, and then 3 days for shipping. Cheers! Elle

Are These Suits


I've again taken up my vocal coaching and hoping to start performing my Elvis shows later this Summer in the UK.

Are these suits constantly available to order(R2W)? Also, if its possible could you ask any of your UK based customers how they found customs with receiving their goods, if they could advise me accordingly I'd be grateful.


store visit

Hi I live in Vancouver and is there a way I could visit and check out costumes and get sized?




Stunning Steve

store visits

elle's picture

Hi Steve: we would be happy to have you at our shop. You can call me at 2507148744 on weekdays for directions and to make an appointment. Elle

Love my new suit


Great Job! Absolutely love the new Fireworks suit. I was pleasantly suprised at the weight of the material and cut of the suit. 

I can't wait to debut the suit at my next show.

Thanks for all you do for us.


Black Fireworks Suit

Elle did an absolutley amazing Job on my RTW Black Fireworks Suit and customised it to change the colour in the Kick Pleats and the Grommets to a Gold cololur. Her customerservice is second to none and the cape is fantastic, Thank you again Elle for your personal attention and superior service.

Kind Regards,

Matt Birse

Matt as Elvis (ETA)


Black Fireworks suit

elle's picture

Hi Matt: Thanks so much. Glad to hear that you are still so happy with your suit after all this time!!! Will you be going to the Parkes Festival in January? if I am lucky, I may have a representative who will be there to meet our Australian customers. I would love to come myself, but cannot spare the time this year. Elle

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