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Blue and Silver Buckle Belt

$187.00 USD

We created this belt to go with our Ready to wear Powder Blue suit. Made of top grade Naugahyde with teal blue leather insets and nickle plated chain and nailheads. 


Price: $187.00 USD

Please fill in your upper hip measurement for sizing

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Powder blue jumpsuit


I am interested in the powder blue ready to wear jumpsuit but was wondering if I can buy the belt that comes on the regular suit instead of the blue and silver ready to wear one and what the cost difference would be?


Powder Blue belt

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Hi. We do also make the white buckle belt with silver conchos. Is that the belt you would like? Elle


Will made me my Aloha suit years back. suit is stil great, but the leather belt has a little yellowish tinge to it. Any way to get it white again? 




white leatter

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Hi Terry: I ave 2 suggestions: a "magic eraser", or lightly brushing some wollite soap for fine washables into the leather and rinsing. In both cases, test it out on hte back of the belt to see how it goes before working on the front of the belt. Elle


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Hi Steve: We would need to customize our TXL R2W pattern for you. We could do this for you for an additional $45 charge. We cold make this for you in June, but I am going on vacation for July and August, and I take care of the patternmaking myself, so if it is not June then you would have to wait until September. We will need you to fill out our measurement form at the top of the website. You can order from the shopping cart on the website and then I will invoice you for the extra $45 charge. Elle


Hi Ellie the ready to wear jumpsuits would you have them in my size im 6/4 300lbs if not if i was to order a new one how long would it take i have a show in sept of this year ThankYou for your time Steve 

Thanks Billy! We do try our

elle's picture

Thanks Billy! We do try our best... I have a wonderfully talented team working with the company. Elle

love the out fits

love the out fits i am 54 love to do elvis but cannot afford a jumpsuit but they have the best i have ever seen

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