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Cisco Kid Suit (R2W)

$880.00 USD
Black Cisco Kid

Black suit with red yokes. On both sides of the lapels, a star shape done in gold nails. Smaller sized stars appear on the backside of the arms and along the legs. There is also a bigger star on the backside of the suit.

*yokes are polyester gaberdine and are not done in leather for easy care and washability.

*Can also be made in other colours, such a white with black yokes.

*Please allow 7-10 days for building. 

You can view a video of this suit here:

Price: $880.00 USD

Please fill in your inseam measurement in inches while wearing stage boots

Save on shipping costs. If you order this item with a cape, belt, boots, scarves, or jumpsuit, you still pay one flat shipping rate.

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cisco kid vest

ellie, how much would you make a cisco kid vest for?what would be the cost with gaberdine yoke and the cost for a faux leather yoke?the combination i would like is black vest with a powder blue yoke. thank you.

Cisco Kid vest

elle's picture

Hi. We can make the cisco kid vest for $335. Unfortunately we do not have the proper shade of powder blue in faux leather, so it would have to be with gabardine yokes. Cheers, Elle



its me again, what would you recomend to wear  underneath the jackets with the tailored and studded pants.some sort of t shirt. i guess it would be hot in the the jackets really bulky.lets say i bought the cisco pants and jacket, would you   wear a jumpsuit belt with it or another style of belt or none at all. trying to decide to wear a belt or not. i don't want the jacket to hide the belt. like to wear the jackets with different pants.


elle's picture

Hi Greg. The jacket can be worn with  a Tshirt or a satin shirt. a jumpsuit belt or the gold international belt would look best with the pants. Or no belt if you are going to wear the jacket done up. 

Hello you are doin fantastik

Hello you are doin fantastik work.Cen I ask you about the fabric you make the suit is that  gabardine cotton or poliester end is litle strech or not.Thank you.


elle's picture

Hi. We use polyester gabardine for the custom suits, and a heavy weight polyester with a bit of spandex for the Ready to Wear suits. 



what price for pants in the cisco kid or any other pants. i have the pants in red lion and has the wide waist band. what would you reccomend to hide the waist band  with a jacket. i was thinking wearing a jumpsuit belt with it. the pants is  the pure white .


elle's picture

Hi Greg. Plain tailored pants with kick pleats are $195. Cisco kid pants are $395.

Wearing a jumpsuit belt with hte pants is a good idea with a jacket or a vest. You wouldnt want to zip up hte jacket though if you are wearing  a bulky belt underneath. 

Vest and Pants

Hi Elle,

I was wondering how much it would cost each for a vest and pants version of the Cisco Kid suit and if you can do any kind of fake leather for the top colored part of the vest? Thanks!

Cisco vest and pants

elle's picture

Hi Roger. we can make the vest and pants combination for the same price - $880. We have used real leather for the yokes for some customers. We can look into getting some faux leather in for you. What colour combination are you considering?

Cisco kid suit

I will send u my measurements for this type of suit. How long will it take to make? Im in Pennsylvania USA 


Jimmy T. Elvis tribute artist 570-885-1091 

cisco kid suit

elle's picture

Hi Jimmy. Sorry for the delay getting back to you. At this time it would take 10-14 days to make the r2w cisco kid suit for you. If you need assistance choosing a size you can email me your measurements at, or you can fill out our online measurement form at the top of the website.

Cisco Kid Suit (R2W)

IT SAYS IT IS A 2 PIECE SUIT? this isnt a jumpsuit?

Cisco kid suit

elle's picture

Hi Chris. Thanks for catching that!! this particular suit is the jumpsuit version - I will edit the wording. We can make you the vest and pants 2 piece version if you like. Elle

Cisco Suit you have other color yokes in the ready to wear line along with their respective belts or just the red? .....and how long does it take to get it ready and ship at this point?


Cisco kid

elle's picture

Hi Chris. We can make the cisco kid jumpsuit with white or with green yokes instead. Or we can even make it in white with black yokes. we  have a naugahyde belt that goes with this suit for $235 but we do not carry the gold international belt at this time. we need 10 -14 days to get this r2w suit ready.

Cisco Kid Suit

Thank you for the info! I prefer the one piece jumpsuit! So how much together with the belt and do you have a picture of the belt?

cisco kid belt

elle's picture

Hi chris. If you scroll down a few messages you will see a picture ofthe original belt we are recreating to go with this suit. 

Cisco kid

elle's picture

Excellent choice! 


Hi Elle what belt goes with this suit?

cisco kid belt

elle's picture

 We are in the process of reproducing this belt for the R2W cisco kid suit. Not 100% sure on pricing yet, but it should be around $235, like the lion belt. 

This might be my next order!

This might be my next order!

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