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Comet Cape (R2W)

$300.00 USD

Create your own "Golden Backdrop" when you lift this cape. Gold Satin Lame Lining is the most luminous woven fabric on the market - this is your maximum impact stage prop. 


Price: $300.00 USD

Save on shipping costs. If you order this item with a cape, belt, boots, scarves, or jumpsuit, you still pay one flat shipping rate.

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elvis aloha cape



Aloha cape

elle's picture

HI David. It would cost $65 to ship to Cancun Mexico. We would need 2 weeks to complete the Aloha cape for you.

Aloha cape

This is Pat, Do you guys sell the aloha cape separate. Thanks

Aloha cape

elle's picture

Hi Pat. Yes. we sell the Aloha cape seperately for $1050.

Aloha belt

Hi, do you sell the aloha belt seperately?

Thanks,  Alana

aloha belt

elle's picture

Hi Alana, yes, we can sell the Aloha belt sperately. The price is $300 in leather, and $250 in naugahyde. Elle

Aloha suit

elle's picture

Hi Doug: Unfortunately your email address is not displayed. But i think this will end up in your email inbox.  

We do not offer the Aloha suit off the rack - it is custom order only. The weight of the stones on the Aloha suit necessitates quite a structured fabric and construction - the durastretch fabric we use for the R2W suits is just as durable as the gabardine, nevertheless, it is not really suitable for this application.

We would be happy to make you a custom fit suit - the mail is quite quick to Austalia, so we could send you out a fitting shell and have it arrive within about 2 weeks from receiving your order. Elle

Aloha Suit

Hello from Australia,

Do you have the Aloha Suit available in R2W range. If so where do I go to view it as it does not come up on my page. I would also be looking at the belt and cape as well. Hope to hear from you soon. Could you reply direct to my email address.

Thanks Doug

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