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Comet/Adonis Suit (R2W)

$835.00 USD
Comet/Adonis Suit
Comet/Adonis SuitComet/Adonis Suit

An Adonis Suit at a great price. You will look "heavenly" up on stage!

Bold gold. One of the few suits that use square grommets instead of round ones. The comet suit is surprisingly light weight considering the impact of its decoration.

You can view a video of this suit here:

Price: $835.00 USD

Please fill in your inseam measurement in inches while wearing stage boots

Save on shipping costs. If you order this item with a cape, belt, boots, scarves, or jumpsuit, you still pay one flat shipping rate.

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Tom Gilbo

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im looking to get into the business. im a iraqi war vet and in the wounded warrior program. My current income is limited. do you have any thing avaible. i get at a lower rate.
thank you
Noel Allen


elle's picture

Hi Noel. Contact me at and let me know your size. I cant promise anything, as our inventory is low. But we can see what we have that we can sell as a second. Elle

Belt for Comet suit


I'm thinking about buying the Comet suit. Could you please send me the belt options for that? I bought the fireworks suit last year and it fits great! Thanks,

Paul Misuraca



Comet belt

elle's picture

Hi Paul: sure! Can you please send me an email to and I will send you pictures of your options. There is a new belt that I haven't had a chance to put up on the web site yet. I am glad to hear that your Fireworks Suit fits well! Take care, Elle

comet adonis suit

Elle, hello this larry i still just love the chain suit you made for me. im looking at this comet adonis now..what belt goes with this? for r2w comet adonis size large and belt what would be the fee? i just dont know what belt goes with this.

Comet belt

elle's picture

Hi Larry: I will email you a couple of pictures of belt options for the comet suit to the address we have on file for you. One option is $177, and another is $185. Glad you love your Chain suit! Cheers, Elle

Belt for R2W Comet Suit

Can you please send me photos of the belts that you make for the R2W Comet Suit?  Thanks.

R2W Comet belt

elle's picture

Hi: I can send you some pictures of our R2W comet belt.

Have you got an email address? it will be easiest to send the pictures as an attachment to an email. Thanks, Elle.


Hi there  elle thankyou very much  love  it and thankyou for the gold scarve just love it I would love to get the cape how does it go on to the jumpsuit thankyou again takecare


elle's picture

Hi Bob: the cape attaches with velcro under the back collar. thanks, I am glad you love the suit. Elle

belt for comet

greetings from Paxton, Illinois!

i was wondering what belt you would suggest for the comet suit and if there is a belt included? if so, do you have any pictiures of the belt? thank you!



Comet belt

elle's picture

Hi Jimi: We make a nice Buckle belt to go with our Ready to Wear Comet suit for $177. We also make an authentic leather custom made belt for the comet suit if you are interested. The price on that is $285. If you have the time, please email me at elle@proelvisjumpsuits and I will send you pictures and details for each belt. Elle

Spanish Flower Suit


Thanks so much for your excellent work making my suit. It fits like a glove and looks fantastic. It was one of the many hits during a very successful and fun evening. I may become an Elvis tribute artist just to wear it more although my wife likes me to wear it anytime. I'll send a photo for your files.

Thank-you, thank-you very much!

Andrew Merilees, Haida Gwaii, British Columbia

Say the word and we will send

elle's picture

Say the word and we will send one to you! Elle


Hello Elle,

A great suit indeed, hope to order this in 2011.

Just like the Aloha, after so many showcases still in the best shape.


Take care & keep in touch !

Frank Anthony ( The Netherlands )

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