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Concho Suit (R2W)

$695.00 USD
Concho Suit

A sleek choice for Elvis in his early years. We use heavy duty conchos - they won't dent, and the nickel silver finish stays looking new.

Note: Belt sold seperately.


Price: $695.00 USD

Please fill in your inseam measurement in inches while wearing stage boots

Save on shipping costs. If you order this item with a cape, belt, boots, scarves, or jumpsuit, you still pay one flat shipping rate.

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Hi I'm 5ft 9inches so what size of suit would I need ? thanks

Hi Shaun. You will fit our

elle's picture

Hi Shaun. You will fit our regular sizing - from Small to XL - depending on your chest and waist measurements. Here is the page with our size chart : Please do not hesitate to get in touch with any further questions. Elle

Conch suit



Can you tell me from placing an order for ready made suit and belt. tHow long will it take ? Delivery is GB 



thank you 

Concho suit

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Hi Michelle. We are currently working on a 2 week delivery to the UK. 

Concho suit

Hi can you tell why the concho suit with belt is 1000

When to buy the concho suit and belt seperate it is $835

I must be missing something

Concho suit and belt

elle's picture

Hi Leonie. The costumes in the left hand menu are custom tailored - we make a pattern from your measurments to fit just you. We sell the belt and suit together. The costume pieces in the right hand menu are Ready to Wear. They are standard size costumes. The quality is the same, but we do not go through the custom fitting process - thus the lower price.

I'm bout to be 17. I'm 5'9

I'm bout to be 17. I'm 5'9 and I wear a 34 in waist in jeans and a 32 in length in jeans. Usually I can wear a regular adult size medium t shirt. What size suit do you recomend?

Thank you


elle's picture

Hi Monty. It really depends on your chest size. 39-40 chest is a size msall, 41-43 chest is a medium. You may want ot take into account any growth you may anticipate - you can always have the suit taken in a little if oyu get it and its too large. Our suits can be let out, but only up to 1 1/2 inches on all measurments.

elvis concho suit

hi elle do you have a size small concho R2W jumpsuit available? and if i order the belt with it do the tassels on the belt reach all the way just about to the ankle like elvis's origional?

concho suit

elle's picture

Hi Wesley. We do not have a samll concho suit in stock. Give us a week and we will have it ready for you. You can specify the legnth of the fringe you would like on your belt in the notes section when you order off the website and we will make sure that the belt is right for you. Elle

fabric question

What fabrics do you use in the Concho suit and the Black Butterfly suit?  I noticed you mentioned gabardine in a previous answer. Wouldn't that be a little course?

Thank you


elle's picture

Hi Carol: We use twill gabardine for the custom suits. It is nice and sturdy and has a bit of stretch. we use a fabric called Durastretch for the R2W suits - it is a 4 way stretch fabric used for outerwear, but it is not sold in fabric stores. 

fringe suit

Are the ready to wear suits lined?

I am 6'1" ,  girth is 74", inseam is 31", chest is 41", arm is 26", shoulders is 21", waist is 41", I wear a 33" waist in jeans, could you tell me which size in ready to wear i would need?

Thank you


elle's picture

I would recommend our new Tall Medium size. it is not yet on the siz chart. all measurements are the same as a Medium except it has a longer girth. you would probably find it more comfortable than a Medium. 

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with any further questions.


Womens Elvis Jumpsuit professional quality

Women's jumpsuit

elle's picture

Hi: we can make women's jumpsuits. We can either make you a jumpsuit in our durastretch Ready to Wear fabric, or in polyester gabardine. Please contact us at elle@proelvisjumpsuits to discuss further and to make an order.

Woman's Elvis suit concho

Can you tell me the price of the ready to wear durastretch and the polyester suits British size around 14 



womens concho suit

elle's picture

Hi Richard. Our R2W concho suit is $690. The belt to go with it is $140. Our custom tailored gabardine concho jusmpsuit and belt together is $1000. I think we should start from a mens size Medium and modify for a ladies sz 14. We charge $35 flat rate for alterations. Cheers,Elle

Where are you located? can a

Where are you located? can a person try on the r2w at your shop?

Concho suit

elle's picture

Hi Michael: the macrame Concho belt is $140. It is ready to wear also. Right now our stock is low for most of our Ready to Wear suits as we have had a very busy summer season. Please allow 1 week for building a R2W Concho suit for you. Shipping time is 4-5 days. Thanks. Elle


I am interested in the rtw conch suit and need the belt for it, how much is the belt for this suit and is it ready to wear also?? Thanks michael

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