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Eyelet/Porthole Suit

$950.00 USD

NEW!! R2W version of the spectacular Porthole suit. Coupled with the white lion belt for a premium look!

Price: $950.00 USD

Save on shipping costs. If you order this item with a cape, belt, boots, scarves, or jumpsuit, you still pay one flat shipping rate.

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I would like to order the Eyelet suit

Do you still have the measurements from the first wash and wear outfit I ordered? Those sizes are still good.  Also, I need the red macrome belt for my old Lucky suit. I also need the belt that goes with the Eyelet suit. How much? How quick can I get it?

Eyelet suit

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Hi Jeffrey. Just thoguht I would follow up with you. We can send you a red macrame lucky belt within 2 weeks. We have your measurements on file. We are working on a 4 week turnaround on a custom suit for you, using the pattern that we have on file. 

Ready to wear suits questions

I prefer the ready-to-wear outfits but the elegance of my custom suit definitely has a better impact.  I am planning on winning a competion this next year.  Are the wash & wair suites authentic or should I stick with custom? 

custom vs R2W suits

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Many of our customers prefer the R2W suits, and a few have won competitions wearing our R2W suits. They are quite authentic. The main difference is in the stiffness of the fabric. This is noticeable in the chest and the bell bottom legs. The custom suit chest is quite stiff, like a jacket, and the leg bells are stiff also. The R2W suits are more "drapey" in the legs. One of the advantages of the R2W suits is that you can get the chest quite tight without restricting your movements. 

Canadian pricing

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Hi Ross. We are charging 10% over US pricing for Canadian dollars. The Porthole suit aan Lion belt togther, with the 10% added is $1336.50. We add taxes according to your province of residence, but we can offer you free shipping. 

Thank you

Thank you

canadian price

Just wondering the Price of the RTW Eyelet/Porthole suit In Canadian Dollars With Lion Belt


Thanks Ross

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