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Fringe Suit (Custom)

$1,000.00 USD
Fringe Suit
Fringe Suit BeltFringe Suit Details

Suit and belt included

This suit really shakes up the crowd. The beaded fringe is a great way to show off your stage moves!

We hand cut satin rattail cord for our our fringe. Each bead is glued in place so they won't work their way down the cord.

The belt has a handy quick release on elastic buckle behind the front loop to keep your belt snug  and firm on your hips.


Price: $1,000.00 USD

Custom made products are billed a 50% deposit upfront, with the balance billed upon product completion (8 week process).  The shopping cart will reflect the deposit value as a discount.

Please fill out our Measurement Form once you have submitted your custom order.  This is not required for our Ready to Wear line. 


Customer Showcase

Darrell Douglas
Italo - EIT Entertainment, Australia

Just wanted to let you know the suits and scarves are fantastic. I received everything and the quality and workmanship on your products is awesome.

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Fringe jumpsuite

Hi Ell I was wondering I was wanting for a long time to get the fringe jumpsuit but can't afford to get the suit and belt. Is it come with it or if it don't can you throw it in with the price of the jumpsuit please. Thank you

Fringe suit

elle's picture

Hi Ronda. The price does not include the belt.

We are havin a special promotion until valentine's day though. 10% all R2W costumes. This works out to $85 off the total price for this suit and belt combination. The coupon code is FEB2017.

Peacock Suit

Hi Ellie::: How much is your peacock

Thanks Eileen

peacock suit

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Hi Eileen. The suit and belt are $2150. Cheers, Elle


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Hi Paul. Please do sent me your chest, waist, hip, inseam, height, and sleeve length measurmeents to I will recommend a size for you. Elle

suit quality

are your off the rack suits as good quality as the ones on the left side of the page? 



Suit quality

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Hi Mike: The ready to Wear suits are just as good quality as our Custom tailored suits. We are able to offer them at a lower price because we do not got through the time to make you a personal pattern and send out a fitting shell. The Ready to Wear suits are hand made in our workshop by our costume team. Elle

cancelled suits

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Hi Paul: we do have 3 suits on the rack that were made for other people. If you can let me know your chest size and height I can tell you if they would be in your size. Alternately, you can choose a suit from our Ready to Wear collection. If you email me at info@proelvisjumpsuits I can also send you some pictures of what we might have available in your size. Cheers. Elle


hi my name is paul dicranian and i would love to send you my basic measurements and see if you have a ready to wear costume i might be able to purchase.I will send them to you a.s.a.p.hopefully you will have something of interest thank you.


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