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Fringe Suit (R2W)

$695.00 USD
Fringe Suit

This suit is a good choice if you really like to move and shake it on stage. Bead colours that we currently use are as follows: Light blue, red, white, yellow, and lilac

We hand cut satin rattail cord for our our fringe. Each bead is glued in place so they won't work their way down the cord.


You can view a video of this suit here:

Price: $695.00 USD

Please fill in your inseam measurement in inches while wearing stage boots

Save on shipping costs. If you order this item with a cape, belt, boots, scarves, or jumpsuit, you still pay one flat shipping rate.

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Hello Elvis Brad Rouse wanted to know if you can make the rainbow jumpsuit that Elvis wore 74 or its also called blue swirl with the belt hope you can and give me a price thank you

Rainbow suit

elle's picture

Hi Brad. We can make the Rianbow suit for you. Price is $1975 USD. for the suit and belt. We even have the original dog and phonograph piece for the belt. 

Fringe Jumpsuit

Hey Elle it's been on a while I'm thinking on ordering a R2W Fringe in the next 3 weeks if I order then would it be to me before June 16? 

fringe suit

elle's picture

Hi Monty. Certainly! We are shipping R2W jumpsuit orders within 2 days currently, except for the styles that indicate  7-10 days to make the suit.


fringe ready to wear

Im a size 36 in the waist 33 lenghth Im 6ft1 kinda long and lanky do you think your ready made will fit me and what size


elle's picture

Hi Jeremy. Do you have your chest measurement? Chances are you are a Tall Medium size if your chest is in the 40-43 inch range.


elle's picture

Hi Jeremy. Do you have your chest measurement? Chances are you are a Tall Medium size if your chest is in the 40-43 inch range.

Hello, I would like to know

Hello, I would like to know the Italian size L with trousers size 48, with what your size is compared. Thank you!


elle's picture

Hi. Looking up Italian sizing ,  it looks like sz 48 suit size corresponds with suit sz 38 US. This would be a  size small for us. Is it possible to get your waist meausrment and chest measurement in inches or in centimeters?  This will confirm sizing. Elle

Fringe jumpsuit

Hi, Can you custom the beads on the fringe jumpsuit? (I think they are called 'pony' beads?)? I would like beads that are not in pastel colors. Thanks!

White Fringe Jumpsuit and Red Macramie Belt

My Measurements are -

Chest 38",  Waist at Naval Height 30",  Hip 38",  Height 5' 7",

Girth 36",  Sleeve Lenght 25", Shoulders across back 18".

What  is meant by Inseam ?

Can "Small" size be customized to suit my measurements ?

Please confirm your best Total Cost for Jumpsuit and Belt.

Hi Mr Holsworth. Price for

elle's picture

Hi Mr Holsworth. Price for the r2w fringe suit is $690. A plain red macrame belt is $95. We do have a beaded macrame belt to go with the fringe suit for $150. Shipping is $44. 

Inseam is your inner leg measurement,  from crotch to where you want your pant legs to be hemmed. 

We can alter your suit to.your measurements. We charge a flat $35 fee for that service. Can you confirm that 30 inches is your waist measured with a measuring tape? Or it your pant size?

elvis shirts

Do you have the  high collar button up shirts in cuffs & maybe pants too  

  thank you sincerly michael young

shirt and pants

elle's picture

Hi Michael. We can make you a high collar shirt with cuffs for the same price as our regular puffy shirt, which is $145. We make pants for $135, or pants with kick pleats for $175. Cheers

Aloha jumpsuit

Elle the aloha jumpsuit is the same as the American eagle jumpsuit isn't it ppl just cLl it different names,? My question is my fiance has what he calls the American eagle jumpsuit but no cape do you have a cape for it and how much is it for it Ty very much


aloha cape

elle's picture

Hi Ronda. I beleive that he would be referring to the aloha suit. There is an embroidered suit called the american eagle, but it has no cape. The aloha suit has the eagle motif decorated with nailheads and jewels. Our aloha cape is $1050

Would the fringe in black be

Would the fringe in black be $660 including custom fee and do you have silver beads?

fringe in Black

elle's picture

Hi Bobby. We can do it for you for $660 plus the $35 customization fee. We do have silver beads. The belt would be $150. Cheers. elle

Fringe suit

do you have black in the fringe suit in the R2W suit. I have a white one and am interested in black. 

frige suit in black

elle's picture

Hi Bobby. We cna make you a R2W fringe suit in Black in our R2W farbic. We just chage a $35 customization fee. It would take us 1 week to make it for you. We can customize hte bead colours for you too. Cheers, Elle


could you make a Aztec Sundial suit like the one elvis had in '77 ?   


thanks , Zachary Chall-Hutchinson 

Sundial suit

elle's picture

Hi Zach. We are planning on developing the Sundial suit this fall. Iti will be available then. Thanks for the enquiry. Elle

Elvis Pro Jump suit

Dear Sir, I have alot of information I need to tell you about measurements that I need concerning my chest size and I need the suit by Dec 16th so I am in a rush to get the suit but I need to know about the sizes chart I measured myself and have some concerns, I need to be able to contact you and my hotmail didn't send the first time, is there a way I can reach you or you can email me back ASAP Thank you ctntcards.

Fringe suit

elle's picture

Hi: I will contact you. I am certain that we can help you out so you have a suit for your show. Elle

Fringe suit

Can the beads be all in black?

I am 6' 3"  waist 36  chest 42 do you have a suit?

Do you have size 12 ankle white boots?


beaded macrame belt

elle's picture

Hi Joe: the Ready to Wear suits and belts are sold separately. the beaded macrame belt is $150. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with any further questions. Elle

Does the ready to wear Fringe Suit come with the belt?

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