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I Got Lucky Suit (R2W)

$545.00 USD
I Got Lucky Suit

One of the finest suits from Elvis' Early years - sleek and elegant.


Price: $545.00 USD

Please fill in your inseam measurement in inches while wearing stage boots

Save on shipping costs. If you order this item with a cape, belt, boots, scarves, or jumpsuit, you still pay one flat shipping rate.

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I got lucky suit

Hello Elle is it possiable to get the I got lucky suit in red please let me know thanks for your time Steve.

Red Lucky suit

elle's picture

Hi Steve. Lovely to hear from you. Certainly we can make you a Red I Got Lucky suit  price would be the regular price plus the $35 customization fee. Elle


Hi Elle,

i just got the I got lucky suit and macrame belt in and they are just magnificent! What a great qualily and hours you and your workers put in this.I fits like a glove and it feels real smooth. I absolutely love it. In the future I for sure will buy more suits from you.




Mike Jansen


I Got Lucky

Can I get I Got Lucky in the color of the blue tapestry with silver. Do you think that would look good and what kind of belt is typical with suit.    Thanks

Lucky suit

elle's picture

Hi Bobby. We can do that for you. We just have a $35 fee for colour customization. I would receommend a Blue and Silver buckle belt to go with the suit, or a Turquoise concho belt, or a Blue bead macrame belt. Elle


i whould love to have this suit for my elvis show in 8/1/17 my cell 315-571-5486 let me know all i need to do, to get this suit, i love it, in Belt.




elle's picture

Hi Edward. Please feel free to call us a 2507148744. I left a message for you.

A jumpsuit for the lady's

Hello Elle,  Would like to know if you make them for the female Elvis enterainers ?  Also would you send me a sample of the fabric that you use, if I send you a self paid envelope.  


Thank you !  

lady jumpsuit

elle's picture

Hi. We can certainly make you a ladies fit jumpsuit. You cna email me your mailling address to and I will send you a couple of fabric swatches. Cheers, Elle

re uk price

hi could you tell me the price in sterling for the i got lucky R2W


UK price

elle's picture

Hi Jim. At current exchange rates, a Lucky suit comes out to 356.38 GBP. overseas shipping is 65 GBP. Paypal will add a fee to exchange your money into $USD. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with any furhter questions. Cheers. Elle 

re size

hi sorry for being a bit thick am after the i got lucky suit and the size chart say's am a small but i am 5ft 11inch and the small only will go to 5ft 10inch ? would a small fit or can you ajust the leg to fit .

o and how long would it take  for delivery

meny thnks jim


Hi Jim

elle's picture

We can ship out a lucky suit to you within 2 days. Would it be possible to send me your chest, waist, girth, and inseam measurements? If you need directions, there are instructions for measuring yourself under the "measurement chart" tab at the top of the website. We can figure out what size would work best for you, and if any alterations are required.

Lucky Suit

Hi Elle, how much would a "I got lucky" suit in Black be?


Thank you,


lucky suit in black

elle's picture

Hi Jason. We would just charge you a $35 customization fee to make it in black. you will find "customization fee" as a shopping cart item in the accessories menu. Elle

lucky suit

Hi Elle: I received the Lucky suit and was blown away at the construction of the suit and quality of the material. The RTW suit fit me like  it was made for me from measurements. You are right up there with any top suit makers. Keep up the great work.                 








Swirl or I got Lucky Suit


great craftsmanship!! love it, fits like a glove.


can tell you take pride in Elvis and his suits!!!


till next suit

Lucky Suit

elle's picture

Hi Ken:

thanks so much. It is a pleasure! We look forward to your next order. Elle

Return Policy

Hi Eleanor really like your site and the work looks top class really interested in the I Got Lucky Suit off the ready made rail looks like I fit into the medium size if there is any problems with the fit would it be ok to return it for a larger or smaller size 


Thank you 

Yours Kindly


Return Policy

elle's picture

Hi Tom: You can return the suit within 7 days of receiving it for a full refund or for an exchange as long as the suit is in new condition. We can send you out a new suit when we receive the first one. Thanks for your interest. Elle

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