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Macrame Belt (various colours)

$95.00 USD
Macrame Belt - red
Macrame Belt - white


Price: $95.00 USD

Please fill in your upper hip measurement for sizing

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Chain jumpsuit

Hi could this belt go with the chain jumpsuit or is this a different pattern? 

Chain macrame belt

elle's picture

Hi Nick. We make a chain macrame belt to go with the chain suit, or we have also made the thinner black macrame belt with turks head knots to go with the chain suit. 

Macramae belt

If I order the white macramae belt could you add some royal blue beads on it? Just several spaced around the belt.


elle's picture

Hi Jerry. Certianly we can do that for you. We would charge and additional $12. If you order the shopping cart on the website, we will send you a seperate paypal invoice for the additional charge. Sounds like you want a random pattern, but if you want another particual pattern of beads, please let us know. Cheers, Elle

belt and boots order

I would like to order a macrame belt like the one you already made me but only in blue-Do you need my waist measurement again?

Also I would like to order 2 pairs of cuban boots: one in black and one in white-size 11M. 

Let me know if this is possible and what the total will be!

Thank-you-Denny Heckard

macrame belt

elle's picture

Hi Danny. We cnam ake you a plain blue belt. Can you specicify light blue or royal blue? Please do send an updated waist measurment. Total is $119 per pair of boots, and $95 for the belt, and $28 for ground shipping = $361. Elle






elle's picture

Very good Dennis. Is 35 your pant size, or measured with a measuring tape around your waist? We will need to order in some royal blue macrame cord for you. It will take sbout 10 days to get it in. Elle

Macrame belt

Could you please tell me how far the end tassels hang down from the waist. Thank you.

tassels on macrame belts

elle's picture

Hi Buzz. we generally keep the tassels so that they hit your mid-thigh. Certainly you can specify when you make your order if you would like them longer or shorter than that. Elle

macrame belts

Hi Elle. I never thanked you for your timely response. I was also wondering if you could put a few conchos into the macrame belt? I Googled the suit and found the belt also had conchos. It wouldn't have to be exact, maybe just have the single conchos in the middle of the belt, leaving out the two smaller ones in between the middle ones. I don't want to make it harder than it needs to be if this is possible.

Also, and this may sound like a stupid question, is the front of the suit zippered to make it easier to get into?

Thank you so much for all your help. Have a great day.


concho belt

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Hi Buzz. We can certianly make a concho belt. I really should out it on the r2w menu. You can see our version of that belt if you look at the concho suit under the custom menu on the left hand side. The price for the belt is $140. Elle

concho belt

Thank you for the info. I didn't look at the made-to-order suits, so I thought the macrame belts you offered on the R2W column were the only ones available. I presume all suits are dry clean only? And are the fronts zippered to make it easier to get into?

Thanks so much.

concho belt

elle's picture

We recommend hand washing rather than dry cleaning. The chemicals can eat through the gold finish on the studs. The fabric is stain resistant, so cleaning is quite easy. The zipper does make the suit easy to get into.

Thank you so much, Elle. Your

Thank you so much, Elle. Your assistance has made me feel very good about your company, and I look forward to doing business with you shortly.

hi i had 2 quick questions:

hi i had 2 quick questions: first is what is the prices on the suits in America and secondly what would be the price range to get a custom made one of the "wheat suit" from 1972?  its an embroidered suit so i was just curious about it. hope to hear back  have a good day :) 

exchange rate/Wheat suit

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Hi Connor: we are currently offering the same pricing in US dollars as Canadian. Our currencies are around par. Because our shopping cart only allows one currency, american customers can just send us an email their order and we will email them a Paypal invoice in US funds. 

We can make the Wheat suit for you - we would need to find the right colour of gabardine though. The colour we have in stock is a bit too dark. The price with the belt would be $1350. 

Thanks! Elle

nice belt

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Nice belt!

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