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Nailhead Suit (Custom)

$1,350.00 USD
Nailhead Suit
Nailhead BeltNailhead Suit

Suit and belt included

The Nailhead suit provides the Elvis Tribute Artist maximum glamour in a lower priced suit. The football shaped gold studs are big and bold enough to look impressive under any kind of lighting. The falling pattern of the studs and the circular motifs were reproduced in Snowflake suit.


Price: $1,350.00 USD

Custom made products are billed a 50% deposit upfront, with the balance billed upon product completion (8 week process).  The shopping cart will reflect the deposit value as a discount.

Please fill out our Measurement Form once you have submitted your custom order.  This is not required for our Ready to Wear line. 


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Im thinking of purchasing

Im thinking of purchasing this soon and wanted to make sure a belt was included with it, and was wondering ...well, if you still make and sell these Ive been looking through the jumpsuits and noticed the comments all stopped 4-5 years ago

Nailhead suit and belt

elle's picture

Hi.  We are absolutely making and selling costumes !!

The custom tailored nailhead suit and belt are sold together for $1350.We do also sell our ready to wear version of the nailead suit. In that case, the suit and belt are sold seperately. Let me know if you have any further questions. 

My suit..

I got my suit today and I have to say' WOW!!! Even better than I thought. It fits like a dream and is perfect in every way. I'm glad I chose the nailhead for my first one, it seems that a lot of ETA's are wearing the same one's. It feels good to know that when I do my upcoming show it will stand out as something a little different for the crowed. All I can say is thank you so much Elle for the great work and prompt service that you provided for me. If anybody needs some good sound advice about Pro Elvis Jumpsuits' please feel free to contact me @ and I will be more than happy to share my experience while working with this company. Totally Pro!!!


elle's picture

Thanks for such a rousing endorsement  Kelly! I wish you all the best in your upcoming shows! Elle

Nailhead suit.

I just put my order in last night. I can already tell that I am working with someone who really cares about my needs. I am very excited to get my new suit so I can start my show here in Denver. After dealing with Elle over the phone I am convinced that I have found a home for all my needs. Just wanted to thank you for treating me so well. Have a blessed day.. :)

nailhead suit

elle's picture

Thanks for your kind words Kelly. We will make sure that you look fantastic. Elle

Jumpsuits Prices


I am using Small(S) size.The rest of the measurements are ok-fit to me, but my sleeve length is 24.

Does that mean I can get better discouts with regards to pricing.

Example:I order Owl or Comet jumpsuit.

Small size

elle's picture

Hi: You can get your sleeves shortened by a local tailor - you may find though that you don't need to have them altered since they should fit longer than normal sleeves. It is better than for us to do the alteration, since we cannot personally fit you. If you would like to order a custom tailored suit rather than an off the rack Ready to Wear suit then we can make you a jumpsuit fitting shell based on your measurements that we will send to you for a fitting at home so you can personalize the fit. Then you send the jumpsuit shell back to us for alteration and decoration.

Please note that we offer both the Comet and Powder Blue suits in our Ready to Wear collection as well as custom tailored. But we only offer the Owl suit in our custom tailored collection.

thanks, Elle

Nailhead Suit


Hi my name is Caesar, I live in Brisbane Queensland Australia, I'm putting a show together round about April or May this year to help rise fund for those severely affected by the February Brisbane floods and Cyclone up North Queensland, I have 4 friends which they have lost everything in the floods, anyways, after making an order to fit one of your Jump suit example the Nail Suit, how long before you can finish it and send it to me here in Australia?
Look forward to hear from you.


Nailhead suit

elle's picture

Hi Ceasar:

Sorry to take so long to get back to you. We have been in Las Vegas.

I recommend one of our Ready to Wear suits (found on the right hand menu on the web site) for your particular needs. We can send a finished suit to you with a few days if we have your size on the rack, or within 2 weeks if we need to make one for you. We only offer the nailhead suit in our Custom Tailored collection, so we would need to send you a fitting shell based on your measurements that you then mail back to us after your personal fitting. The process takes 8 weeks. Feel free to email me at elle@proelvisjumpsuits to talk about your costume needs 

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