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Nailhead/Spectrum Suit (R2W)

$880.00 USD

Many of you have asked and now we have started to make the Nailhead suit Ready to wear.

Maximum Nailhead coverage. The football shaped gold studs are big and bold enough to look impressive under any kind of lighting. The falling pattern of the studs and the circular motifs were reproduced in Snowflake suit.  A definite must to add to your suit collection!



Price: $880.00 USD

Please fill in your inseam measurement in inches while wearing stage boots

Save on shipping costs. If you order this item with a cape, belt, boots, scarves, or jumpsuit, you still pay one flat shipping rate.

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elvis jumpsuit

got a question for if i get a suit here could i make payments. or do you have payment arragments


elle's picture

Hi. We can issue a paypal invoice which will allow you to pay the bill down in multiple payments when you can. we must recieve payments in full though before we ship the costume to you. Alternately, you can try Paypal  credit - click on the button just to the right on the website. if you are approved, you can get your costume as soon as we receive the funds from paypal 

Hi   how much would it be for


 how much would it be for the nail suit and nail suit belt in English money? 

Thank you 

currency conversion

elle's picture

Hi. At current conversion rates the suit is 546 GBP, the belt is 235 GBP, and the overseas express shipping is 62 GBP. Paypal will charge about 2% to exchange your money to USD, so it will work out ot a little more than the direst conversion. Cheers. Elle

Hi Elle Recieved your message

Hi Elle Recieved your message what you sent me could I please put a order in for the nail suit in size medium please and belt thank you 

Powder blue shell Jumpsuit an cape

Hey I was wanting to know if you can just make me a shell suit an cape how much would u charge me

Suit shell and cape

elle's picture

HI!  We charge $375 for an undecorated lined jumpsuit, and $85 for a plain cape lined in satin. You can find both under the custom suit menu on the website.

nailhead suit

elle's picture

Hi Rebecca. You can order through the shopping cart on the website. You can pay by paypal, or pay by credit card if you do not have an paypal account. If you have trouble, send me an email to info@proelvisjumpsuits and I will email you an invoice you can pay on line. Can you let me know your deadline? Elle

nail suit ready to wear

hi elli, the nail suit is 880. does this include belt?  also how much are boots white.  also how much would shipping be im in gilbertsville pa. my waist is 38 and im 5'11 tall so i guess id be a large

Nailhead suit

elle's picture

Hi Joe. our R2W costume items are sold as separates. The price does not include a belt. We have just added the Nailhead suit, and we haven`t yet posted the R2W belt on the website. It will be like the belt for the custom nailhead suit, but in naugahyde instead of leather. The price will be $245. We also have a R2W Nailhead cape, not yet posted. Shipping is either $44 or $65 depending on level of serivce. The boots are $119. In regards to sizing, I think you are probably right about the large, but I do recommend you check your chest measurement against the R2W size chart. 

would you be willing to take

would you be willing to take less for this suit

nailhead suit

elle's picture

Hi. We do offer discounts if you order multiple costume pieces in a single order. Otherwise, our prices are standardized. Elle


elle's picture

Hi Greg

We would charge $350 for the cisco kid pants with belt loops nad studs and no kick pleats. the Pinwheel jacket would be $375. thanks for your enquiry and please do not hesitate to get in touch with any firhter questions. Elle

pinwheel jacket


i have a pair of pin wheel pants and i see your material is ivory in color. my pin wheel pants is in white and wondered if you can match the jacket to the pants.

pinwheel jacket

elle's picture

Hi Greg. We have gabardine fabric in pure white. We can mkae you a jacket in the gabardine instead of the durastretch. If you like, we cna send oyu a swatch so that you can ensure that the fabric matches your pants closely enough. Elle



what is your cost on a pair of cisco black pants with  belt loops and pockets with no kick pleats with studs and no studs. also a pinwheel  made into a  jacket.

thanks.  greg


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