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Now/Turquoise Concho Suit (R2W)

$760.00 USD
Now Suit
Now Suit Now Suit

This suit is also known by the name "Turquoise Concho" suit. Featured on the cover of the NOW album. A distinctive look with the asymmetrical wrap front and large turquoise stones. We still make it easy to wear with a zip front. 

*Please allow 7-10 days for building.

Price: $760.00 USD

Please fill in your inseam measurement in inches while wearing stage boots

Save on shipping costs. If you order this item with a cape, belt, boots, scarves, or jumpsuit, you still pay one flat shipping rate.

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i am looking at the ready to wear suits, the now suit (Blue concho) and the Blue Tapestry suit.

do these come with belts or do i buy the belt seperate?

i think the same macrame belt would do for both?


Hi Elle,

I am interested in your R2W suits but I don't know what size I would need. I know my shoulders are 18.5", Sleeve is 24", Inseam is 29", chest is 41" and my waist is 37". Please let me know what you think.



elle's picture

Hi Anthony. You would need a size Medium. We would need to shorten the sleeves for you though. The flat rate charge for alterations is $35. Cheers, elle 

Now belt

Does the Now Suit belt come with this ready made or do you buy it seperate and if so how much is it? Thanks, God bless.

Now Belt

elle's picture

Hi Ronnie. Our R2W jumpsuits nad belt are sold seperately. We call the belt that goes with the Now suit the "turquoise concho belt" and you will see it if you scroll down the R2W menu to the belts section. The price is $195. Thanks! Elle

Shiping to Spain

Hi, I´m interesed in a "Ready To Wear" Now Suit and the Turquoise Conche belt. My height is 6´1 - 6´2, I need a tall large I think. 

How much is the shipping cost to Spain? And... How long it would take to get there?

I need the jumpsuit soon, I can pay it this Monday.

Thanks, Mario.

Now suit

elle's picture

Hi Mario. We need 7-10 days for construction. Shipping via DHL takes 5 business dasy to spain. Dont forget to send us your inseam measurment so we can hem the suit for you. Elle

Now suit

elle's picture

Hi Michael. We can certainly?make you a Now suit in Black. It will take just 3 days.

Do you have this suit r2w in

Do you have this suit r2w in black???

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