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Owl Star Suit (Custom)

$1,400.00 USD
Owl Star Suit
Owl Star Suit detailsOwlBeltpurpleVSBLueFabric

Suit and belt included

With its Silver Starbursts on a Royal Blue background, the Owl Star suit is a sophisticated look for a polished Elvis performer. The silver cast owls on the belt are an inspired touch.

We have a Royal Blue fabric and also a Deep Purple available. 


Price: $1,400.00 USD

Custom made products are billed a 50% deposit upfront, with the balance billed upon product completion (8 week process).  The shopping cart will reflect the deposit value as a discount.

Please fill out our Measurement Form once you have submitted your custom order.  This is not required for our Ready to Wear line. 


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Brian Simpson

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Highly recomendable

Would just like to say how very verrrry happy i am with  pro jumpsuits there very quick in replying to anything you have to ask also go that extra mile to get you want you want if ya looking for a jumpsuit this is defo the  place  to pick soon has my suit is here ill take a pic and put it on thankyou so mutch for all your doing for me danny


Could you make the suit as the original color nay blue  


elle's picture

Hi Pat. Yes, we can make the Owl suit in Navy Blue if you like. You can add notes on the checkout page when you make the order to let us know your colour preference.

elvis costume

do you make elvis costumes ofr kids im 12 and what would be the best price for a cool jumpsuit

kids costume

elle's picture

Hi Andrew. I am afraid that we do not make kids costumes. 


Hi Elle,

I spoke to you this week about ordering a suit. I was wondering if you could do the Blue Owl suit or the Conquistador suit as a Ready Made Suit. Please let me know the costs. Otherwise I would order the Black Fireworks suit. I would need the appropriate belt with whichever suit we go with. I would also like to order 20 fuchshia pink scarves.

My measurements are:

Middle of neck to waist approx. 22"

Chest 43 1/2

Coat 44 Long

Outseam 43 1/2

Sleeve Length - Nec to wrist 37 1/2

Hips 47

Neck to shoulder 11-11 1/2

Waist band 34-36

Waist Measure 38 1/2

Let me know as soon as you can so we can finalize the order. I leave for Europe on Tuesday so want to take care of this by Tuesday morning. Thank you and I look forward to working with you.

Joe Sir



elle's picture

Hi Joe. We can make a R2W version of the conquisador. Price is $1700 for the suit, and $320 for the naugahyde Conquistador belt. 

We are going to be offering the Owl suit in a R2W version in about 5weeks, but we do not have the farbic in yet. For the time being, it is a custom tailored item only. 

You wold do best to order a size large, with alterations to fit you a bit better. We can discuss alterations personally with you. 

Cheers, Elle


owl suit

hi Elle,

just wondering have you ever made the owl suit with gold stars?

or could you?

saw you quality work recently at the ultimate elvis comp on the gold coast AUSTRALIA Great Job

kind Regards



gold stars owl suit

elle's picture

Hi Joe

We can certainly use gold stars instead on silver on the Owl suit. Since it is a custom suit, the  price is the same. Cheers, Elle

hey Elle, would it be

hey Elle, would it be possible to make the owl star jumpsuit in the dark blue as i have seen in the photos of Elvis's origional instead of the lighter color blue suit that you have displayed?....i wouldnt call it a navy blue but its much darker as i have seen. thanks so much!

owl colour

elle's picture

Hi Blake. I have not yet found the a darker shade of blue gabardine in the kind of quality of gabardine that we use. We do stock a dark purple that is quite close to the shade that the Owl suit ended up after it faded. Some people opt for this colour. I will put a picture of the purple fabric up on the website so you can see. Elle


Would it cost extra to change the belt colour to the same colour as the suit

Belt colour

elle's picture

Hi William: we do have the matching leather colour in stock to go with the suit. There is no extra charge. Elle

Powder blue jumpsuit

Hello again and thanks for your prompt reply. I prefer the custom built shade of blue so will have to spend a bit more. Can you give me an estimate of the custom built powder blue in GBP together with the estimated shipping costs?

Thanks again


Hi Tony: overseas shipping is

elle's picture

Hi Tony: overseas shipping is $100. The total in GBP including shipping is 920. The custom built price includes a very top of the line leather belt. Normally we send you a fitting shell when building a custom suit. we do recommend this, though it does add time to the process. But if you are quite confident in your measurements we could build you this suit without a fitting as this particular style could be altered if need be. 


Hi I am wanting either the black aloha belt or the black belt with large blue and red stones. My husband is the performer and is putting his Elvis performance in his shows. I need to know how much are they and can I have them in time for Christmas? How do you size your belts? Others say to measure over the costum and regular belt and use that size to order these types of belts. If that is correct his size is 40 5/8.

Looking forward to your response.



Aloha belt

elle's picture

Hi Lory: We can have a belt ready for you in about a week. Are you in North America or overseas? I would have to check on shipping times as it takes longer in December.


We can get it done for you. 


elle's picture

yes, custome tailored suits are sold with the matching belts. 


elle's picture

Hi Shane: All of our Custom tailored suits come with matching leather belts. Our R2W suits and belts are sold separately. Elle


does the belt come with the matching suit?

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