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Owl Star Suit ( R2W)

$880.00 USD

Our ready to wear version of this vibrant suit is a bright royal blue. The thousands of silver stars are glued as well as crimped so they stay put.

Price: $880.00 USD

Please fill in your inseam measurement in inches while wearing stage boots

Save on shipping costs. If you order this item with a cape, belt, boots, scarves, or jumpsuit, you still pay one flat shipping rate.

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Great News

One week should work.  You have the belts in stock as well.   It would be an XL belt.   Thank you for getting back to me so quickly.   I qualified in a SO Cal Elvis contest, and want to look my best at the end of the month.   

Do you have availability?

Hi There.   I was wondering if you have availability of this suit and the belt.   If I ordered today or tomorrow, with expedited shipping, how long to get to Los angeles?this is a great site by the way, the suits look amaazing.   It would be my first one....ready to wear.I appreciate your help.

Owl suit

elle's picture

Hi Dave. We do have the Owl suit available in all sizes except Small. There is a certian amount of finished required before shipping though, and we are quite busy right now - it would take 1 week to ship. Do you have a pressing deadline? 

Owl Suit

Hi, Do you make the Owl in Eggplant Color? 

purple owl

elle's picture

Hi MK. We have garadine in the eggplant purple colour, but not durastretch for the R2W Owl suit.So we can make you a custom Owl suit in egglant colour, but not a R2W owl suit as of now. Elle

Owl Suit


Im interested in purchasing the Owl Suit for a New Years Eve show but i notice you have no belts to go along with it.

Are there other belt options other than those shown?

Thank you for your consideration,



Owl belt

elle's picture

Hi Steve. We do make the Owl belt. It is $255 and listed under belts. I have not had a chance to upload  a picture  I can do so later today or on Monday.

Owl suit


Just wondering if payments could be made on r2w suit and cape would love to get one for my husband for Christmas.


Owl suit

elle's picture

Hi. Certainly ! I can email you a Paypal invocie for the suit and cape, which allows you to make payments of any size you wish until the invocie is paid in full. Jsut a note that we cannot ship out any goods that are not paid in full. Elle

Im wanting to get R2W owl

Im wanting to get R2W owl suit but I want cape and belt with how would that be

Owl suit

elle's picture

the Owl Suit is $880, and the Cape is $350. It will take us about 10 days to complete your order with our current schedule. 

Thankyou !!

Me and my new owl suit


Thanks So much love the suit !!


Owl suit

elle's picture

Hi. A R2W owl suit and belt can be shipped to you, in most cases, 2-3 days after you make your order. Shipping takes just 2 days to anywhere in the USA. Custom orders take 6-8 weeks, as we need to allow time for sending you a fitting shell for you to try on and sendback to us. Elle

owl star suit

If I oreder an Owl suit will it be done before Dec 18 2015 as I have a performance that day?

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