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Peacock Suit (Custom)

$2,150.00 USD
Price: $2,150.00 USD

Custom made products are billed a 50% deposit upfront, with the balance billed upon product completion (8 week process).  The shopping cart will reflect the deposit value as a discount.

Please fill out our Measurement Form once you have submitted your custom order.  This is not required for our Ready to Wear line. 


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Chain Suit

Hi Ellie. Do you do the chain suit and if you do how much would you charge for it with macrame belt?

Chain suit

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Hi Robin. Sorry for the delay getting back to you. We do makeh te Chain suit - both in our R2W collection (suit $695, belt $140) , and as a custom tailored suit ($1000 for the suit and belt together). 

peacock belt price.

Hi elle im just wondering how much would a peacock belt would be? i have a peacock suit but no belt.

Peacock belt

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Hi Brandon

We would charge $400 for the belt on its own. Might be best if we send you a snip of the embroidery so that you can determine if ours is a good colour match for the embroidery on your suit. Elle

Sunburst Jumpsuit

Hi !! Do you create the Sunburst Jumpsuit ?



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Hi Matt. We can make the Orange Sunburst for you, with the seashell belt. Pricei s $2300 for the custom suit and belt. Elle

sundial and indian feather suit

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thanks! not long now until we will be able to show off the sundial! Elle


I am so happy to have you creating my Sundial suit, I knew 2 years ago when you created my one of a kind Superman Elvis jumpsuit that I only wanted you to make the Sundial for me. I know it will be a masterpiece and well worth the wait. Your customers are more than welcome to inquire about the quality on my Facebook page and ask me any questions. I'm listed under Todd Henry and listed under thttributes as well as Todd Henry and the flashback daddy's .  Thank you Elle.


Todd Henry

Sundial suit

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Hi Todd. Thanks so much for your support! We are enjoying creating your sundial suit. 

sundial and indian feather suit

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Hi Thomas. We are currently completing our first sundial suit, and taking orders for more. We will be adding it to the website in just a few days. We ahve not yet developed the Indian Feather suit. If we get many enquiries for that style, we will work on getting the Indian Feather avaialble for our customers. Elle

I'm looking forward to seeing

I'm looking forward to seeing photos of the Sundial. Those two suits are so amazing. Thank you for getting back to me.

Indian Feather and Sundial suits

Just wondering if the Indian feather and sundial suits will be available at some point.

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