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Pinwheel Cape (R2W)

$350.00 USD
White Pinwheel Cape
Black Pinwheel Cape

Add this piece to finish off your Pinwheel costume!  Available in White and Black.  The red satin lining is firey, vibrant and sure to be a hit on the stage!


For Burnin Love (Red version), click here

For Matador (Black version),click here

Price: $350.00 USD

Save on shipping costs. If you order this item with a cape, belt, boots, scarves, or jumpsuit, you still pay one flat shipping rate.

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Can you please tell me how to

Can you please tell me how to best clean the capes to the suits and the black leather suit as well?

Thank you, 



elle's picture

Hi Junior. We receommend hand washing with Woolite. If you email info@proelvisjumpsuits I will send you our full care instructions. Do not dry clean your jumpsuit or cape.

You can also find care instructions in our FAQ section.

You cna dry clean your leather suit - I do not receommend getting the leather suit wet.


Thank you Elle happy to hear that.If Igo with the buring love suite then I would be able to get cape also,is this correct?

I will be in touch asap!

Thank you again for you fast reply and help

Sincerely Curtis Daniels

burnin Love suit

elle's picture

That is correct. We have the cape available for the burnin love suit. 

cleaning suit

how do we clean suits after sweating in them after show to preserve detail work?


elle's picture

Hi. Our suits are very easy to care for. We recommend rinsing out your suit with woolite after each performance. Wrap the wet suit in a towel and wrong out to remove excess water. Hang up to dry on a drying rack or a heavy duty plastic hanger.


elle's picture

Hi Jim.the brass studs have a gold colour plating on them. Once he gold colour is gone, I am afraid that you can't bring it back through polishing. I also think that the yellow marks may not come out of the fabric. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. Elle

refirb suit

Hi --I have a used "White Pinwheel" suit and it need a little love reapplied. The previous owner tried to polish the brass that was on it and there's some yellowing on the sleeves where he tried this (not all the brass fdittings). Can you give me an idea of costs to brigten up all the brass and to get the yellow off of the fabric? Thank you   Jim Perruso

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