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Pinwheel Suit (R2W)

$880.00 USD
Pinwheel Suit
Black Pinwheel Suit

Presenting our off-the-rack version of the 1972 classic jumpsuit!  Also available in the Black Matador version.


For Burnin Love (Red version), click here

For Matador (Black version), click here

Price: $880.00 USD

Please fill in your inseam measurement in inches while wearing stage boots

Save on shipping costs. If you order this item with a cape, belt, boots, scarves, or jumpsuit, you still pay one flat shipping rate.

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Very Big thanks Elle!!! :)

Very Big thanks Elle!!! :) The suit is even better than I could ever imagine!!! Highest quality all through into the smallest detail and everything boots, belt and scarves fits perfectly good and I'm so happy because now I can look really good doing what I love!!! Add to that Elle was so nice and helpful through the whole order process. So to everyone ETA lovers out there on the planet thinking about it! Elle's Pro Jumpsuits is the best of them all!!! You will not find that high quality authentic Elvis jumpsuits anywhere else for that price!!! And I will absolutely order from Elle again asap no doubt about that at all!!! Big Big thanks Elle!!! Greetings from Sweden :)

your welcome

elle's picture

Thanks for your kind comment. I wish you all the best in Spain! Elle

Pinwheel Suit

Hi Elle and all at Pro Elvis Jumpsuits.I ordered in a panic this time last week as I needed a new suit for a gig this coming Saturday. The company was very professional and courteous, the suit arrived on Friday, and it is perfect. Thanks and have a great day. Best wishesJonny 

pinwheel suit

Dear Elle I would like to order your pinwheel suit in a large. I would also like the lion belt and a pair of the white shoes in 10.5 and some scarves. Will i be able to order this in one order and how long would it take to get it to Florida. I would like the rtw suit in the ivory.

Pinwheel suit

elle's picture

Hi Ray. I believe we spoke on the phone yesterday. Just wanted to check to make sure you arent having trouble making your order. let me know. Elle


Hi there! Is there anyway to see the red style one? Thanks! 

~ Colin

red burnin love

elle's picture

Hi Colin. Very sorry for the delay replying to your message. I will update the website to include pictures of the burnin love (red pinwheel) suit in about 2 hours. We will have a seperate page on the r2w menu for the red suit. Elle

I just got my pinwheel suit I

I just got my pinwheel suit I love it I'm doing a show in June I'm going to wear that suit for that show I'm going to order more your suit.


pinwheel suit

elle's picture

So glad that you are pleased!!! Hope your show in June is fabulous.

Pinwheel/Burnin Love Suit

Hi Elle

If we wanted to buy the Pinwheel Burnin Love suit off the rack, can we also buy the Pinwheel/Burnin Love belt to go with it?  If so, how much?  If not, which belt do you recommend?

Many thanks



Burnin Love Belt

elle's picture

Hi Tracy. We do make the lion belt in red to go with the Burnin Love suit. You can choose the red colour option for the belt - it is $255. 

I know I recntly commented on

I know I recntly commented on here how does the cape go on the suit? Is it a velcro or snap on? It's for a R2W suit i"ll be purchasing soon.

Burnin Love suit

elle's picture

Hi Monty.

we can make you a custom suit before March 24th. If you would like a R2W suit, we can have that ready in 3-10 days depoending on our workload when you make your order. 

The cape attaches with heavy duty velcro under the collar of the suit. Elle


Hi Elle,

Do your ready to wear costumes come with a belt foryour quoted price.?





elle's picture

Hi John. No, our R2W suits and bels are sold spereately. R2W belts are $95-$255. 

Availability/ sizing

Hi, what suits in ready to wear line do you have available now on the rack in size medium for immediate delivery? What is the actual measurements on sleeve length, inseam and girth.Thank You


elle's picture

Hi.  We have the following styles available for shipping. For any of these styles we need just one day for finishing. 

Pinwheel, burnin love, owl, concho, fringe, chain, nailhead, lucky, comet, starburst.


sleeve length is 26 1/2 for medium. girth is 70, but can easily fit 68-72 without any alteration. We custom hem to your inseam measurement.


Hi, Your suits look great!!! Do you offer the r2w pinwheel in a burgundy red color as well? Also how much for a spectrum belt? Also I am a 72 inch girth, im 6 ft 4, inseam with boots 36 in, chest 46 around, my arm is 26 inches. What size would I get? Thank u!!!! MK

Which Belt?

Hi Elle;

Just curious to know which belt would work with the Pinwheel suit and how much would it be?





My son's measurements are: Sleeve-27, Chest-43, Waist-43, Hips-46.5, Shoulder to Shoulder Across Back-20, Height 5'7.5", Girth-75. Would a large be too tight on my son?













elle's picture

Hi Leslie: The Large would definitely be the best fit. The suit will be tight across the hips and thighs - if he prefers a looser fit then you can easliy let out the centre back seam up to 1 1/2 inches. Also the inner leg seam can be let out if you need more room in the thighs. In all alterations situations, we are happy to communicate with your local tailor to provide information and receommendations.


How do the white boot look with the tan pinwheel suit?

colour of boots

elle's picture

The suit is an ivory colour - matching the original suit colour. The white boots show off very nicely with the suit just a touch darker. We should update this picture. It was taken under dim light -really the r2w suits are brighter than this picture indicates. Elle

Ready To Wear Pinwheel Suit

Elle I can't thank you enough for the great workmanship you did on my R2W Pinwheel suit, it is fantastic, the look and feel is tremendous, and I will not hesitate to purchase more suits from you in the future. Thank you for taking the time to personally call me and make sure everything was done properly. The belt is also the best, and I can't wait to wear this to my next show.


Matador Suit

Hi Ellie

How much would it cost for a Matador Jumpsuit ready made or Made to measure?


Pinwheel suit

elle's picture

Hi Stan: The Pinwhweel suit off the rack is $880 and the R2W lion belt that goes with it is $255. The custom suit with the deluxe lion belt is $1350. Right now we are not accepting any more custom orders until the end of the summer though. Cheers. Elle


Ali, what measurements do you need for a R2W suit?      Buddy

Black Matador

Hi El,

Wanted to know if you have the R2W Black Matador in a medium available.


elle's picture

Hi Rob: We do not have one on the rack, but can make one up in Medium within about 10 days. Elle


Would you have the pinwheel jumpsuit in black matador or red burning love available in Large at this time ? Would it be possible to put a bright red or bright blue stone(jewel) in the center of the pinwheels instead of just the metal? I would also need the belt & cape to match. How much  would the cost be?Would it be possible to get to me by Dec 6 2012? I live in Stuart,Florida USA.Thanks for time .


elle's picture

Hi Roger: Can you please give me a call to discuss? I am sure we can help you, but with the timeline so close, we will have to strategize on how to get your costume to you in time. My phone number is 250-714-8744. Elle


hi elle. i'm thinking of a number of possible costumes right now (custom vs. r2w). Elle, i was just wondering, when you ask for neck to shoulder measurement do you usually add an extra inch or do the guys ask to add and inch or two to make the shoulders look wider, like elvis did. so if i sent you my measurements in and i wanted wider shoulders to give me that 'V' look (shoulders to waist), what should i do re: measurements? almost there....... thanks again Elle. Dave

measuring shoulder

elle's picture

Hi Dave: Another good question. You should always measure to your body - we add a little to the shoulder measurement to broaden the shoulders, but how much we add really depends on the overall shape of the person.

Please also I encourage you not to be limited by the suits we have on the web site. We can custom make almost any suit you like.Elle



hi Elle. I may have missed it but are your prices especially the R2W, include taxes? Hope all's well. dave


elle's picture

Hi Dave: The prices do not include taxes. We add the applicable taxes if you are in Canada, or if you are in the US or any other country, you will be charged any applicable tax through your postal service. 

special order?

Hi Elle. Hope all is well.

Elle, just wondering if you make eta jackets (the upper part of a jumpsuit); like the black or white concho cut at the waist with a zipper. same as the jumpsuit but no pant legs.....? thanks, dave



elle's picture

Hi Dave: we can make you a jacket like the top half of the jumpsuit. We have done that with the starburst style - looks very nice. We could make a concho jacket for you. The price would be $365. Elle


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