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Plain Jumpsuit (Custom)

$375.00 USD

Plain jumpsuit Custom Tailored to your measurements. Ready for you to decorate yourself.

Price: $375.00 USD

Custom made products are billed a 50% deposit upfront, with the balance billed upon product completion (8 week process).  The shopping cart will reflect the deposit value as a discount.

Please fill out our Measurement Form once you have submitted your custom order.  This is not required for our Ready to Wear line. 


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Blank Jumpsuit


You are SUCH a wonder!  I got the blank jumpsuit last week and it fits PERFECTLY!!!!! I was shocked how quickly you had it made and sent! Thank you SOOOO much! You are the BEST!

Hi David. Thank you! All the

elle's picture

Hi David. Thank you! All the best at your upcoming shows!

hey Elle are you able to make

hey Elle are you able to make the plain suit in the burnin love colour

Plain suit

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Hi Jonathan. We can certainly make you a plain suit in red!. You can specify the colour for us in the notes section when you order.

Hello, I would like to order


I would like to order the powder blue jumpsuit, cape and belt. Do you offer a discount for purchasing multiple items such as these?

I hope you don't mind me asking!


powder blue costume

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Hi Nicky. We woud be ahppy to offer a 5% discount on the 3 items together. Currently we would need 1 week to complete a powder blue order, as we are out of stock in that style and would need a few days to make the costume for you. 

Blank suits

How long to make?

Do you do pants suit coat cape 3 piece style

If so how much please?

3 piece suit

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Hi Tom. We can make a blank 3 piece suit for $795. If you would like working pockets on the jacket, we would add another $45. 

Blank suits

Two questions please:

Do you make a blank 3 piece suit? Pants with kick pleats, suit jacket with cape. If so, how much please. 

Also, what is the time turnaround on blank suits from time of order and deposit? 

Thank you in advance for your reply! TCB! -TC

Photos of plain jumpsuits...?


I'm thinking of a plain jumpsuit to decorate in my company colours for an event. Do you have some images of the plain suit?  Also, I've seen that you've said that making a ladies suit is possible, I hope in this style too?

best, Kate 


plain jumpsuit

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Hi Kate. I cna send you some photos of a plain suit if you send an email to We can make you a ladies fitted jumpsuit .

sunburst jumpsuit belt

Hi Elle 


what belt would be suited with the sunburst jumpsuit? i am thinking of purchasing  R2W SUNBURST SUIT AND A BELT TO GO WITH IT!

Also what material are your jumpsuits made from?

I look forward to hearing from you



Pat Vegas


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Hi Pat. Thanks for your enquiry. I believe that you might be referring to the STARBURST jumpsuit? We make a white version of the r2w black fireworks belt to go with it. If you prefer a different belt, we can custom make almost any belt for you.

If you mean the SUNBURST jumpsuit, then we do not make that for our R2W collection, but we can custom make it for you.

plain jumpsuit

Ellie im thinking of purchasing a plain jumpsuit. im planning to make a red pinwheel suit. i have the material and a stud kit and have the cape made. i was wondering it i sent you my maetrial and the round grommets that go on the collar and chest openig how much would it cost for you to put those on for me and ill do the rest of the studding and leave the kickpleats open so i  can do them or how much would your do the kickpleats for?? thank you Ellie,Buddy


plain suit

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Hi Buddy. We can certainly make you a plain suit from your own fabric and grommets, and add the kick pleats. We would knock $35 off the price - so $340. Cheers, Elle


plain jumpsuit

Eliie thanks for your reply. thats a great deal you gave me on the plain jumpsuit. i beleive this will help my dreams come true of owning a lovely jumpsuit.


plain suit

are the plain suits white or do you have other colours,

plain suit

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Hi. yes, we can make plain suits in other colours too. Elle

Ready to wear fringe jumpsuit

I tried to see how much the ready to wear fringe jumpsuit was it said sale price but said page can't be found. Do y'all have it and how much is it.I wanted to see about getting one for my fiance  also do y'all have the international belt the one that has ELVIS Presley name on it if so how much are they. Ty very much

World Attendance Record belt

I'm an ETA in Arizona.

One of the places the "Attendance Belt" (as I call it) is available from is:

But it doesn't have Elvis' name on it due to Elvis Presley Enterprises having copyright on the king's name, it says "TRIBUTE" where his name was, but it's a beautiful, heavy (almost 4lbs) belt. It comes with a heavy vinyl storage bag.

It's actually a little bigger than Elvis' actual belt, and it's available in gold or silver finish. I have both. Hope this helps.

Attendance belt

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Hi, Thanks for the tip. Its helpful to hear that there is a good source for that belt out there. 

fringe jumpsuit

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Hi. The sale ended last week. Send me an email to and I will set up a coupon code for you for 10% off for that suit. 

We do not carry the gold international belt. I can point you to a couple of places that have it when you email.


Just checking in on the price of the Sun Dial Jumpsuits, I need to find someone that can make the 1975 White Benefit Suit, and the 1976 Bi-Centennial Jumpsuit with the blue legs and arms.

sun dial

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Hi Tony. The introductory price on the Sundial suit and belt will be $2195. We can make you the White Benefit suit. Price would be $1075 for the jacket and pants. $145 for the shirt. Thanks! Elle

Sundial suit

when will a Sundial suit be available?


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Hi. we can't give a definitive date, but it should be 2-3 months. Elle

Blank jumpsuit & cape

Hello, A few years ago l bought all the gaberdine and satin and a kit that has all the studs for an Elvis Owl Jumpsuit.  I would like to try studding it myself, but am wondering if you could make me a blank jumpsuit, with lining, and a cape using the material that I already purchased, if so, approximately how long would it take to make and how much would it cost?

Thank you for your time.


Blank Jumpsuit

elle's picture

Hi John. Happy to make you a blank jumpsuit and cape, but it would have to be in our own fabric. We know how to to fit jumpsuits the best in our own farbic, which is a bit more thick and stretchy than most other alternatives. A Plain jumpsuit and cape blank, sent with the satin lining for sewing in, costs $425 plus shipping. 

blank jumpsuit


 I was just wondering if you made blank jumpsuits in the R2W sizes so it could be sent out sooner and if you have any jumpsuits that could be offered as seconds at a lower price? I have worn other jumpsuits but I am wanting to try yours. Let me know if you have anything like that.

r2w blank jumpsuit

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Hi Brandon. We can make you a blank jumpsuit in a r2w size. Not a problem. Elle

plain jumpsuits

Ellie,im considering doing decoration on my own suit since youve come up with plain jumpsuits.i dont see the style of the Alpine suit and wondered if you could make a plain jumpsuit  that style.THANK YOU.  Buddy P.S. Also ive made a cape for the pinwheel and have the materiel to make the suit.If I sent you the material that matches my cape would you consider doing that ?thanks again

Plain jumpsuit

elle's picture

Hi Buddy. Sure - we can make you a plain suit from your own fabric. We can also make you a plain Alpine style suit if you like, for you to decorate. The price would be the same as the regular plain suit. I am afraid that this would have to wait until September though, as I am going to be away for most of the time. My staff take care of rpimarily ready to wear orders over the summer.

Ellie,just wondered if it is

Ellie,just wondered if it is fairly simple to remove the lineing to do stud work etc. on your plain jujmpsuits.Thank you  for your reply.   Buddy

plain suit

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Hi Buddy. Yes, we construct it so you can easily get inside the lining to stud your suit. Then you can close up the lining with a few hand stitches. You should not have to remove the lining completely, but you can remove it if necessary. 

R2W Suits & Blank Jumpsuit

  Hello My Name is Ned Spencer and Steve Mitchell reminded me of your Services today. I'm a ETA in the Dallas Texas Area of the USA and although I have been doing ETA Shows in Nursing Homes as well as for Many Fundraiser's I have never owned a Jumpsuit due to the Cost of them. I've done over a 150 Nursing Home Shows in this time and all but Eight of them were Donated t othe Residents of the Homes and I must say I loved doing them for them. I recently did a Fundraiser for Myself to get Donations for My First Jumpsuit and although I only generated just under teh $500 mark its still not enough to have one made for Myself to Fit Me Right. So that is where your R2W Suits come in. I however see that Your R2W Size's only go to XL Size and mine would be a 2XL Size since that is teh size of My Shirts so my question would be how much more or if it is possible to get one in the 2XL Size and How Much. I also thought maybe I could do the Blank Jumpsuit to fit my Measurements and then do the Studding Myself since I make Elvis Belts Myself. I've made over Two Dozen Elvis Belts to either be Raffled Off for different Events or given away by me to a Fan at a Show after wearing the Belts for two or three Shows .. The Fans Love It and I Love Doing it since I make them Myself and don't have that much Money in them. Any How please get back with me on which way it would work best thru Your Company to help me get That First Jumpsuit and I'll see if I can GET-R-DONE .. Thank You, Thank You Very Much

Ned Spencer (Facebook)
214-663-8704 cell

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