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Powder Blue Suit (R2W)

$835.00 USD

Introducing the very popular Powder Blue suit. This is a very high end suit offered at a considerable reduction from our custom tailored prices.

Looks great on an outdoor stage against any backdrop, and gorgeous under stage lights for your evening concerts. 


Price: $835.00 USD

Please fill in your inseam measurement in inches while wearing stage boots

Save on shipping costs. If you order this item with a cape, belt, boots, scarves, or jumpsuit, you still pay one flat shipping rate.

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Mark Stevenz

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Ready To Wear Suits - Sizing

Hi ElleI am interested in the Powder Blue Suit and Belt in your ready to wear range but my sizes slightly differ from your chart:My Measurements are as follows:Chest 39' - Waist 40' - Hips 39.5' - Height 5' 8" - Girth 65' - Shoulder 18' - Sleeve 25.5'.On looking at these measurements which Size would you go for? or is there anything you can do with a ready to wear suit.Kind regardsPeter


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Hi Peter. Sorry to have taken so long to answer you. I would receommend a size Medium, which we cna take in at the chest for you. 


Do you have the multi 2 belt? If so how much?

Multi belt #2

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Hi. We do make that belt. I believe that it is the one witthe Pegasus motif? We make it for $425.

Multi belt #2

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Hi. We do make that belt. I believe that it is the one witthe Pegasus motif? We make it for $425.

What R2W suits in small do

What R2W suits in small do you have right now

small suits

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Hi Junior. We have the following suits in small, ready to ship out within 5 days. 

Pinwheel, powder blue, comet, nailhead, fringe, burnin love, starburst, chain, concho, owl. 

powder blue suit

Hello  Could you please tell me what kind of fabric is used for the powder blue .thank you


powder blue fabric

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Hi Brenda. We have the fabric specially made for us. It is a very sturdy 4 way stretch woven nylon fabric. 

Powder blue suit


is it possible to have the powder blue suit with gold instead of silver studs r2w ? 

Thanks in advance for your reply



powder blue suit

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Hi Mark. Certainly , we can make the powder blue with gold studs. We would just charge you an extra $35 customization fee. 

Suit to australia by 31 Dec

Hi we need 2 suits for a festival in australia in the first week on January 2016.

I assume the R2W suits are the only ones that would be suitable.

I am interested in the powder blue suite and belt.  My friend is interested in a red suit, are there any red coloured suits R2W?  or other suits not on your website.

Also what is the inner seam measurement that is required?  is that from the inner leg to the heal?


Can you have the order delivered by Jan 3rd?


r2w suits

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Hi Kim 

We can certainly have 2 suits to you by Dec31st. We have a R2W version of the Burnin Love suit - which is the pinwheel style done in red. Inseam is measured from the crotch to the middle of the heel of your boot.

Suit size

suit size

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Hi. No text came through in the body of this message. Did you have a question about suit sizes? Elle

Burning love suit

Hi ....this may sound a little strange but I would love to purchase a red burning love jumpsuit R2W.... However I want this to ski in the fabric flexible enough 


Burnin Love suit

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Hi Steve. Not a strange question! The R2W suits would be great for skiing in as the fabric is all way stretch and very durable (its normal application is for mountaineering). But unfortunatley we do not have the durastretch fabric in red at this time. My suggestion would be a R2W Cisco kid suit suit with the red yokes???

Powder blue jumpsuit

Hello. I'm interested in purchasing your r2w powder blue suit (L), but looking at the photos on your website they appear to be two different shades of blue...which shade of blue do you use for r2w ?

Many Thanks

Tony (UK) 

powder blue colour

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It will be the lighter shade. One of the pictures you are looking at may be a custom suit. The gabardine we use for the custom suits is a bit darker than the light blue Durastretch that we use for the R2W suits. Elle


Hi Elle!  Thank you for such a quick turnaround on this jumpsuit. Scott tried it on last night and he loves the fit.  I have a question though, what is the best way to iron/press the jumpsuit?  I thought about turning it inside out, but am curious what setting I should put the iron on.

Thanks Again! Darcy


elle's picture

Hi Darcy. steam works the best. You can hold your steam iron directly over the fabric and smooth the wrinkles with your hand. Or you can use a damp press cloth. If you iron directly on the fabric then you need a very low setting - the fabric is made of nyon which an melt at high temperatures. 

Hi Elle Im looking into one

Hi Elle Im looking into one of you ready to wear suits and in your opinion what size would be best. im 5'11 and 3/4, im currently 210 but im loosing a few pounds, what size do u think would be best? 


elle's picture

Hi Conner. Chances are you are a size large. You will just need to check your measurements - and particularly your chest measurement - against our size chart. 

hi elle. i was just looking

hi elle. i was just looking at the info for the rtw and it said the chest measurement is critical but all the other measures can be let out by an inch or two. i'm assuming chest is relaxed. would you like info on inhaled chest? dave

chest measurement

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Hi Dave: just a relaxed chest is fine - we cut the suits with 2 1/2 to 3 inches of ease in the chest, and there is a lot of stretch in the suits, so you don't need to worry about not having room to "breathe". Elle



Could you please send me a catalogue of al this,so I have time to think of which I'm to wear,or choose.Send it to:Randy Prince 1656 Queensway St. Apt#202 Prince George B.C. V2L-1L7: Ph(250)561-2430. Thank You Very Much,your beautiful



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Hi Randy:I am afraid that we do not have a print catalogue at this time. I can certainly send some brochures to your address, along with some pictures of our work, but the web site is the most complete source for the full line of the costumes that we make. 

R2W suits

Hi Eli, im not sure my first message went through asking you if you would consider making the burning love suit R2W. thats a great deal you offered on the red lion!! just wondered if you would do it for the red pinwheel"burning love" since i was thinking of wearing it to marry my son and his girlfriend in it.THANK YOU for all your replies and taking the time to answer my questions,and great deals.                            Buddy

Burnin Love

elle's picture

Hi Buddy: We just have enough of the red durastretch fabric that we make the R2W suits out of to make one suit. We would be happy to make one for you. We just have not restocked that colour. Would you like an inexpensive option for a lion belt (we can make one similar to the original for around $200). Or one just like the original, out of leather for $350. Let me know.



ready made suits

Hi ,I emailed you some time ago and asked you if you were considering adding the red lion suit to your R2W line.I havent seen it or any other suits on your website . I just wondered if for some reasonyou havent updated your website or you still havent added any more suits to that line.                                                                           Buddy

Pinwheel suit

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Hi Buddy: I haven't found the time to update the site in a while. We do have the Red Ladder suit for $590 now, and the snakeskin belt for $150. Many customers have ben asking for the Pinwheel suit and Lion belt -we don't have them on the rack yet, but I will offer you the same deal I have offered a few of our other customers: we can make you a R2W Pinwheel suit for $800 and a R2W version of the Lion belt for $195. Cheers. Elle


quickest delivery time

hi how long is it,rule of thumb ,from you reciving my order tildelivery im in england near london, for ready to were starbust,and powder blue,andis there a way,of making it quick ie, if i incer all costs could it be air fowarded D H L or some other way. iv never used you before,and have just started singing again after ten years and my old suites have seen better days,and i have a busy schedual coming up.kind regards john  aka elvis.

Delivery Time

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Hi John: Shipping to the UK takes a week via our normal Expresspost means - costs $110. DHL would cost around $300 and you may also incur brokerage fees at your end too. Time would be 3-4 days - not much difference. We have size small, Large, and XL in stock right now if Powder Blue. Any sizes that we don;t have in stock allow a few days for us to build a suit for you. Thanks. Elle

ready to Wear suits

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Hi Buddy: We offer exchange or full refund (minus shipping charges) on our Ready to Wear suits. I cannot say at this time when we will be able to add the Pinwheel/Red Lions suits. We are working on getting the right fabric and the right equipment to set the diamond shaped nailheads. Chances are it will be another couple of months. Thanks for your interest. Elle


Thank you so much for taking the time to reply to my questions.You've been very helpful.
                  God bless,Buddy

re reply

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I am very happy to answer any questions you may have now and in the future. Take care, Elle.

Hi Buddy

elle's picture

The Pinwheel/Red Lion suit is definitely one that we would like to add to our Ready to Wear line. Aren't quite ready yet to add that suit - it many be several more months. Until then we will just be offering it in our custom collection. When and if we do add that suit, we would probably modify the belt design to make it less expensive than the custom belt. Might I suggest that if you are interested in a proper Lion belt with your Pinwheel suit that you could choose to purchase from our custom tailored line. Thanks for getting in touch with. Elle


Thank you Elie for taking the time to reply to my question.I'll certanly keep a watch for the pinwheel suit in your ready to wear line.If I bought a ready made suit and it didnt fit do you exchange or refund?
                        Thank you  Buddy


Im impressesd with the line of ready made jumpsuits you have.Just wondered are you planning on continuing to expand this line with like the red lion etc.?If a person purchased one of these suits and it didnt fit could they exchange or get a refund?
                                 thank you Buddy

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