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Starburst Suit (R2W)

$755.00 USD
R2W Starburst Suit
R2W Starburst Suit

Our most popular off-the-rack suit. Elvis often wore this suit with the Powder Blue belt - so you can choose match this suit with a White Star Nebulae belt or a Blue and Silver buckle belt.


Price: $755.00 USD

Please fill in your inseam measurement in inches while wearing stage boots

Save on shipping costs. If you order this item with a cape, belt, boots, scarves, or jumpsuit, you still pay one flat shipping rate.

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Customer Showcase

Hal Hall, USA

Thanks for getting that suit out to me as quickly as you did.....It looks great and fits great.  I thought I would send you a picture of me at my last performance as I'm getting ready for Tupelo.

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Color inquiry

Hi Elle,

Is this Starburst suit an off white or ivory color.?? 


elle's picture

Hi Glenn. Our r2w suits are off-white. Our custom suits can be made in either pure white or off white. Cheers Elle

White fireworks

Hey Elle,

I love the quality of the reproduction of the stud patterns on your suits - they are very accurate well done!

Are these quite old photos of your white fireworks suit though? As the stud pattern, unlike the other suits, doesn't seem quite right based on the images I've seen of the original (the original has more star studs and less circular studs as well as many more studs on the collar).

Is there an updated version of this suit to be more accurate than the photos suggest? As I'm interested in ordering one but am very picky on accuracy sorry :P


white starburst

elle's picture

Hi Jim. You are right. We have updated the design of this suit - the starbrust style has more stars, and not quite so many domes on it. Jsut have to get to updating the website! Elle

I am still amazed!!

Hi Elle,

I have had this suit for a little over 2 years now!

It still shines like it did when I pulled it out of the box on Family Day 2 years ago!

There is no tarnishing at all!! Also there is no stud missing either!!

I absolutely love your suits and your company Elle!

I plan on ordering more suits soon!

I can't wait to see your Sundial and Peacock suit!!


I can't to see my amazing Black I Got Lucky Suit with Red Macrame belt! It should be very soon!!




Love My Suit!

Elle I received the suit today and I am absolutly blown away!!!Ive owned several BnK suits and even made my own and Ill always buy from you from now on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you are the BEST

Starburst Outfit

I had the Starburst suit, cape and belt made for my 40th birthday party which was Las Vegas theme and as a huge Elvis fan I wanted a proper suit! Elle you and your team made me a beautiful suit that fitted me like a glove! It looked amazing, best item of clothing I've ever bought! It was a bit surreal that the tribute act I booked also had a ProElvis suit on too! I really cannot put into words the beauty of the suit and how well made it is and the attention to detail. All I can say to anyone thinking of purchasing a suit for the first time is ProElvis is the place to get it from, you will not be disappointed!! Think of how you may imagine your suit to be and multiply it one hundred fold and that's what you'll get! It's been my absolute pleasure to deal with you from start to finish Elle and I'd recommend you to anyone! A million thanks. Claire. XX

Starburst, Belt, and Shoes

I'm a little confused about measurements and adjustments for your Ready Made outfits. Do we just order the jumpsuit and have a local tailor made needed adjustments? Or do we send you our measurements and you make the adjstments for us? Your size Large seems to look like the best overall fit for me, but I would imagine some adjstments might be needed.

Also, your shoes and belts don't seem to have sizes listed that I can see. Am I overlooking them somewhere? Thanks.

Millionaire & Billionaire Jackets


I'm another person named Chad,and I too am interested in seeing the various "Millionaire" & "Billionaire" Jackets and color choices to view on your website,AND ON MY BODY.

Hi Chad#2. I will really try

elle's picture

Hi Chad#2. I will really try to get to update the website. We do have some lovely pictures of the jackets to show off. Basically, we can make the jackets in either black or white. the studwork pattern is the same as the fireworks suit. 

Billionaire Jacket

Hi. i noticed a video of you on youtube introducing the billionaire and millionaire jackets. Do you have those for sale as I could not find them on this site. Thanks for all you do for ETA's!



Billionaire Jacket

elle's picture

Hi Chad: we can make you a Billionaire jacket. we will have to get them up on the site....The price is $325 for the Billionaire (with studs and grommets and satin facing) and $225 for the Millionaire (with studs). Thanks for your interest in our costumes! Elle


White Starburst Jumpsuit

What belt would you recommend for the white starburst jumpsuit?





elle's picture

Hi Rod: usually we sell the white star nebulae belt with the White Starburst suit. Elle

White Starburst Suit

Hi, would it look good with the solid gold metal belt on the starburst suit or where on this website can i get the right belt for the suit?


elle's picture

Hi Justin: We can make you a version of the Powder Blue belt to go with this suit if you like - with gold hardware. that will be quite accurate to the original belt. We are going through a complete R2W belt redesign process right now. Your gold belt will look nice with the suit too. We can also make you a white version of the black fireworks belt if you like. 

White Starburst Suit

how many measurements can you adjust on the ready to wear suits for no charge or how much do you charge?


elle's picture

Hi Justin: we can take in the waist for you for free, and hem the legs for you. Sleeve shortening would be an additional $35 charge. Let em know if you have something else in mind. Elle

starburst suit

Hi. Just order a starburst suit ready made. I have all my measurements. But dont know if you need them for a ready made suit. please E me and let me know. Also how long untill I have suit? I try to call but it didnt work.

Thanks Frank the tribute singer.


White Starburst

elle's picture

Hi Frank: All I need is your chest, hip, height, inseam, and girth (if you know it). Then we can pick a size for you. 

We are currently out of stock on this particular suit - it is a very popular one. We can have one made nad ready for you in a week tough. Shipping will take one week after that.





Starburst & Lucky Suit

Elle, I got to tell you, so many of my friends ask where I get my suits (The Starburst and Lucky Suit) and I proudly tell them from Pro Elvis Jumpsuit.  Right from the box they look and feel great. The picture enclosed is the one taken for the Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Preliminary Contest at the Silver Slipper Casino in Bay St. Louis, MS  in 2010 and Ilike the pic so much I am using it again this  year for the contest there. The Scarves I guest  recieved are FANTASIC.. Love the Quality, Length, Width and Feel of them. They are a GREAT deal at 100 for  $90.  Thanks again and keep up they great work.


White Starburst Suit


Starburst & Lucky Suit

elle's picture

Hi Bob: You are most welcome and thanks for taking the time to send a picture and testimonial!!! We will be making the custom undecorated suit based on your measurements in the next couple of days. Elle

absolutely perfect!

fantastic! every detail, every stitch. many thanks to proelvis jumpsuits! everything was perfect!


elle, you rock!



Thanks Jimi! All the best in

elle's picture

Thanks Jimi! All the best in your upcoming shows!! Elle


hey elle, did you get my email with the pics of me in the suit and the link to my facebook page? :)


elle's picture

Hi Jimi: I did. Thanks a bunch. I am away for a few days, but I am looking forward to putting the pictures up on the web site when I return.  All the best. Elle

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