About Us

Pro Elvis Family

Pro Elvis Jumsuits is located on beautiful Vancouver Island, in British Columbia, Canada. It is owned by Eleanor von Beotticher, a veteran of 20 years in film and theatrical costuming. Eleanor has a certificate in Costume Studies from Dalhousie University. Her film credits include X-Men 3, Catwoman, Riddick, I Robot,and Open Range. She is well respected in the film industry and has had a rewarding career. Now she has chosen to devote her time to her family and to her growing ETA clientele.







Sarah is our Head Seamstress/Decorator. She has been working with ProElvisJumpsuits since 2009. If you have ordered a jumpsuit from us that time, Sarah will have had a big hand in it!






Marissa is our Shop Manager and covers most aspects of production. Marissa is taking the lead on many new designs, expanding the ProElvis repetoire into the future!!!