Overseas shipping 
We offer DHL express service only. Any lower grade service takes several weeks and does not allow us to track and insure your parcel. Rates for overseas shipping are as follows: $60 flat rate for any one accessory order (small order). $100 flat rate for a jumpsuit (large order). $100 for any larger order including multiple jumpsuits and accessories. 

*the shipping times below apply only to urban and suburban regions

Australia: Shipping time is currently 3-4 days.
Europe: Shipping time 3-5 days
Japan: Shipping time 3-5 days

USA shipping is via DHL Express service. Expedited takes 1-2 weeks and costs $44. Express service takes 2-3 business days and costs $65.

CANADIAN shipping is via Canada Post. Expedited service takes 3-8 days depending on your region, and Expresspost takes 2-3 days