Frequently Asked Questions

Custom Tailored Jumpsuits


How do I know I will get a suit that fits?

Proper measurements are the key to a great fitting suit, so please take time and care when taking your measurements. Or, if you have the technological capability, we can guide you through taking your measurements through a pre-scheduled on-line video call at no cost.

For a custom jumpsuit order, we make a pattern to your measurements and send a costume shell to you for a fitting within 1 week from receiving your measurements and deposit. You can fine tune the fit to your personal taste at that time. 

How long will it take until I get my finished jumpsuit?

Most custom jumpsuit orders can be completed within 8 weeks. Please note that we will only start your order once we receive your first payment and your measurement sheet.

We can sometimes accommodate rush orders in as little as 5 weeks, depending on workload. 

Please let us know when you place your order if there is a specific deadline that you have in mind, and we will do our best to accommodate your schedule.

What is the cost of the jumpsuit?

You can find the prices on the specific page for the suit you are interested in. We reserve the right to change prices.

Prices are quoted in US funds.  

Customers in Canada please contact us for current Canadian pricing. 

Overseas customers please contact us for pricing in your own currency. We can take payment in many major currencies through direct bank transfer to our international banking platform. This saves you the currency conversion and international transaction costs that banks and credit cards charge

Shipping charges will be calculated when you make your order, and the cost will be added to the price of your suit.

Harmonized Sales Tax and/or PST and GST will added to the price for Canadian customers. US customers pay no customs and excise tax due to free trade. Customers from other countries should contact your Customs office to find out about applicable taxes and duties. 

How do I pay for my jumpsuit?

We accept credit cards, paypal, bank/wire transfer and certified cheques.

Custom Tailored Costumes: One half of the price of your suit is due when you place your order. The second half is due before we mail you your suit. There will be no exceptions.

Ready to Wear Costumes: Full payment is due when you submit your order, as we ship out within 3-14 days, depending on if we have a finished costume in your size and preferred style.

Are your jumpsuits authentic reproductions?

The patterns we use were developed from careful study of the original Elvis stage costumes. They are close to the original designs, but not exact. 

Each custom suit we make has slight variations in the pattern of decoration to accommodate the proportions of each different person’s body.

How do I care for my jumpsuit?

Each jumpsuit we ship out comes with care instructions. Jumpsuits are very easy to care for. Just hand wash with a gentle soap for fine washables (such as Zero) in a large tub and drip dry. Laundry detergents are too harsh for the studs, so do not use Tide or any other regular laundry soap, and do not dry clean. Do not agitate your suit in a washing machine, as this can dislodge studs over time.

Do you offer a guarantee?

Talk to us within 2 days of receiving your suit if you are not completely satisfied. We stand behind our work and will do whatever we can to remedy any problem, within reason.

Who can I talk with to discuss my costume needs?

Feel free to call Elle at 250-714-8744 at any time, or email We may not answer your call immediately, but leave a message including a good time to reach you and Elle will get back to you.

Can I buy an undecorated jumpsuit?

Yes, we currently sell them for $375 plus shipping and taxes if applicable.

Are your Ready to Wear jumpsuits well constructed like your  Custom Tailored jumpsuits?

Yes, we use the same patterns for decoration and the same sturdy construction methods to make our R2W jumpsuits. The fabric we use is just as durable than the stretch gabardine we use for our custom tailored suits. (the gabardine has a crisper, more tailored finish in the legs, and it holds the weight of the heavy stones of the more elaborate suits - that is why we continue to use it for the custom suits) 

Studs are crimped and glued so they stay in place. Seams are stitched with heavy thread, and double stitched in areas of heavy wear and tear.